Digital Camcorder, 6 million pixels, excellent quality at an affordable price!!

Image resolution for camera: 2720x2048 (6.0M Pixel interpolation). Image resolution for video: 320x240 pixels.
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Transmission interface: USB 1.1

SD/MMC card Reader

Shutter speed: 1/555555s-1/30s

China Manufacturer specifications

2720x2048 (6.0M Pixel Interpolation), 2048x1536pixels, 1600x1200pixels, 1280x1024pixels, 640x480pixels

Image resolution for PC camera: 640x480pixels, 352x288pixels, 320x240pixels, 176x144pixels, 160x120pixels

Image resolution for video: 320x240 pixels

Lens: F2.8F=9.3/9.6MM

Screen: LCD 1.5 inch

Memory Device: internal 32MB

Zoom: 4x digital zoom

Audio: Without Audio

Memory capacity: 1pc photo can be saved

Self timer photography: 10s

Shutter speed: 1/555555s-1/30s

Automatic energy saving: about8fps (VGA) about 15fps(QVGA)

Power supply: 2xAA

Transmission interface: USB 1.1

CE Certificated

Does Not Include Batteries

A Superb 54.99!!!!!!