Latest Updates(15 october 2007):

The Kovenant Presents: "Aria Galactica"

Greetings Earthlings! We are pleased to announce that our new album is taking shape these days, and can reveal to the world that it will bear the title: "Aria Galactica". We are now set with all guns blazing towards completing the most exciting, surprising, energetic and accomplished Kovenant record so far. Again, this will be a drastic detour from our ever so unpredictable path, and our ideas are set to fill you with wonder and amazement. Old fans, as well as more recently acquired listeners will certainly find this to be a very characteristic Kovenant record, and we are most pleased to say that with our emerging creation, we will reclaim our position as a force of innovation and aspiration, not just for ourselves, but for the entire scene. The album, according to our masterplan, will hopefully be recorded sometime during the wastelands of endless winter, anno 06/07. This is of course, a loose plan at best, but nonetheless, we will work our hardest to bring this record to life as soon as alienly possible. So until then, we hope that our devoted audience will bear with us, For perfection is not a hasty occupation. But be aware.. ...This time, we return to majesty!

We are also pleased to announce, that our lost debut album , "IN TIMES BEFORE THE LIGHT",will yet again emerge in its original state anno 1995, including the infamous "From the storm of shadows" demo from 1994. So we present to you the album cover here, as a small taste of things to come. The Album will be available soon on VME/HEad Not Found Records.

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