MP3 Player Pen 256MB, nifty gadget!!!!

This Pen MP3 Player supports MP3, WMA and WAV formats. Super high quality Voice recording function.
This product is excellent design and already popular with customers because of consistent high quality.

Super high quality Voice recording

Support MP3, WAV playback

USB 2.0 full speed

China Manufacturer specifications

Compact Pen shape, full metal body

Support MP3, WAV playback

Super high quality Voice recording function, including WAV /PCM format

No LCD display

Memory: 256MB flash memory embedded

USB interface: USB 2.0 full speed

Crystal sound quality: Output frequency range: 20Hz to 20kHz

Possible rewrite cycles: > 100,000 times

Battery: Built-in Li-ion battery, up to 6 hours playback time Dime

Dimension: : 15(Length)*1.2 cm (Diameter)

Packing: gift metal box or other OEM box


Operation manual/drive disk/earphone/USB cable

Plug-and-play USB

U-disk with OS of Windows

An Incredible 54.99!!!!!!