Frequently Asked Questions.

How secure is this website??
Your safety online is our NUMBER 1 priority. Every transaction made with us is directly through Paypal.
Paypal is the most respected online payment option in the entire world with over 95 million accounts.
Almost every trader online accepts Paypal as a form of payment.

How do i know my payment is safe??
You should always check for one or two things, after you access paypal via our website, if in the address
bar you see HTTPS and NOT HTTP This means you have accesed a secure server. Never release any
personal details on a non-secure server,
if the paypal page has integrated itself onto our website right click your mouse on the paypal page,
click "properties" and it should have the address: and
the Connection should say "SSL".
If it does not contain this information, do not release your information and contact us immediately!

TIP: ALways look for the little gold lock integrated onto websites or the "verisign" logo.
These are all websites that are a secure payment option.

How long will my order take??
We always try and ship to you as fast as possible, if you are in the UK we aim to get your product
to you within 7 business days. Within Europe 14 days, and rest of world within 21 days.

How will i know you have recieved my order??
Not only will you get a confirmation invoice, if you provide a UK mobile number we will also text
you when your order has been despatched.

What form of payment do you accept?
If you are not in possesion of a paypal account, we suggest you get one, however,
you can pay with all these!
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Do i have to pay with a paypal account?
No! - you can buy directly with your card, but your transaction will be handled by paypal, however,
you do not need to be a registered paypal customer.

Does my product recieve a warranty?
All our products recieve a return/repair warranty for 12 months, yet another fantastic option we offer
our customers!

What about if i wish to return a damaged item?
You are in your statutory rights to return a faulty item to us, if an item does recieve a fault
please e-mail us with the exact fault, and we will provide you a quick response
answer and will delegate the problem as soon as we can or offer you a full refund.

Do i pay any additional VAT or Postage and Packaging costs?
Absolutely not! The price you see on our website, is the price you pay. This includes the cost of
shipping it to you*.

What happens if you are out of stock of an item?
If this happens, we will notify you by e-mail, you can recieve your direct refund or we can use our
service excellence to try and get hold of that product quickly and efficently for you!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us

* Subject to any Postage or additional costs from third parties (eg paypal) If any of these specific
costs arise you will be informed before your transaction is made.
However this will only happen in rare circumstances.